Make the journey as important as the destination

Ulys flies with its own wings

To accompany VINCI Autoroutes in its creation of services that make life easier for users, Seenk creates the identity of a new brand that can carry the promise of an enhanced mobility experience.


A brand where you are the hero

Designed to simplify, streamline and enrich the experience on the road, Ulys makes the journey more important than the destination. With a set of services ranging from real-time traffic information, to a search engine for signs and products at rest areas, to a rewards program, to a carpooling platform, what could be better than to rely on a universal allegory that takes us through each stage of the journey? Its name will be Ulys.


The hero of the Odyssey embodies human intelligence in the face of the challenges and hazards of mobility. As for the graphic territory, it features a sunny yellow, symbolizing good weather on a road that is always clear. The illustration reinforces the human and educational dimension of the brand. The visual and verbal identity is meant to reassure travelers on their way, far from any complications.


Are you coming for the vacations?

To reveal a new mobility actor, why not use the vacation period? Seenk creates all the contents of an ambitious communication device: radio spots, TV sponsoring, posters and animations on freeway service areas announce the arrival of the one who will guide us to the beach in complete peace.



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User journey

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