Liberating the world of bricolage

Fundraising & Major works*.
In just 5 years, this French Tech nugget has established itself as the largest DIY and gardening marketplace in Europe. After raising €60m, the brand is embarking on a new project: repositioning itself without losing its uniqueness to keep the Amazon panzer at bay.

Amazon? Not even afraid!
The objective of the repositioning: to capitalise on the promise of variety and comfort of online shopping, while taking the lead over the competition with an explosive and engaging brand personality. A creative and uncomplicated vision of DIY, which is revealed in a brand new visual and editorial territory.**

Let's get it on, baby!
The new brand vision moves away from the race for the perfect house to build a more sincere and engaging brand territory. With ManoMano, it's about going for the moment's challenge without fear or reproach. It doesn't matter if the result doesn't really look like what you've spotted on Instagram, as long as you've done it from the heart, or even - let's be crazy - by enjoying it. A promise embodied by the signature "Do as YOU please".

My palette looks great.
This commitment to a less preformatted world is reflected in a color palette that is a blast. The jade green base is a deliberate departure from the sector's codes and the variety of pop colors celebrates the diversity of tastes. The slanted headlines and the marked contours of the product shootings finally give impetus to the creative impetus and energy of doing.


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