Veuve Clicquot

Bringing Legacy to the Surface


Under the bubbles, the heritage

An iconic yellow label, an identical quality of champagne since its creation, an exceptional identity heritage… I ask for Veuve Cliquot! To sublimate the products and the House, Seenk explores the richness of the heritage by drawing on the roots of this institution.

veuve-clicquot-seenk-cover veuve-clicquot-seenk-cave

Designer by day, historian by night

To make the myth speak, Seenk delved into the brand's archives and came across a real treasure. First the discovery of an anchor emblem, symbol of hope of Christian origin, then the discovery of a comet which refers to the one crossing the sky of champagne in 1811 which gave an exceptional wine this same year. , and finally handwritten letters from Madame Clicquot. A gold mine for designers like us.


The Clicquot footprint

This is followed by the design of a new logo composed of a unique emblem associated with a new typography. All brand supports have been modernized with particular care for the famous products. And to further imbue the soul of Madame Clicquot with her eponymous brand, we have created a typography from her real handwriting found in her writings, preciously preserved within the House.



Visual identity

Brand architecture

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