Seenk wins Silver Top Com for!


The agency won silver at the TOP/COM GRANDS PRIX Corporate Business 2021, in the "website" category, for the design and production of the digital showcase for Naval Group.

An emblematic project for this European leader in naval defence, which was based on 4 pillars to be highlighted in this redesign: the corporate culture based on collective pride, the innovation required to design these products, which are among the most complex ever made by man, the commitments made by the company on responsibility issues, and the international dimension.

Released in October 2020, this site is the central hub of Naval Group's digital ecosystem, feeding into the group's other sites and social networks.

the website :

and to discover the project : here

The participants :

Consulting, design and implementation agency in charge of the project : Seenk

Technical development : Ecedi

SEO : Pixallione

Hosting: Prosodie

Writing: Naval Group editorial team and freelance writers: Katia Fau and Laure Buquet