Seenk #TheBrandAgency X Marignan: branding that moves!


The challenge of real estate is no longer just to build housing but to imagine places to live.

Marignan takes up this challenge by designing real estate projects that adjust to the life of each individual, that fit in, appropriate and bring new answers to a neighbourhood or a city. With Marignan, real estate is anything but immobile!
The brand wishes to highlight its values: proximity to the territories, partners, customers... to offer adapted solutions, innovation from design to use and also mastery of the trade and know-how.

The Seenk agency has come up with a branding that reflects this commitment, starting with a new logo based on the totemic "M" and a new signature "At your side at key moments". The graphic code is inspired by architectural design and illustrates innovation through a language of modular forms. This branding is completed by a graphic charter to ensure the coherence of all the statements and communication tools: reveal films and permanent kits that can be adapted locally.