Paris 2024: what we would have loved to do.


You must not have missed it, the visual identity of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, signed Royalties Ecobranding, has just been released. Congratulations to them! We also tried our luck... Like our colleagues Graphéine, we wanted to share our proposal.

In this spirit of creativity, we would be delighted to see other colleagues sharing their projects. For if the gold medal has won the OCOG's favour, the steps to glory are preceded by equally valiant participants, of whatever metal.

Olympic Spirit, are you there?

Displacement of entire shantytowns (Rio 2016), tripling of security costs (London 2012), economic wreckage (Athens 2004)... Yes, the games have bad press. It's not the logo's fault! But it does have a role to play in reaffirming what the Games have always been, and what they should be even more so tomorrow: a symbol of peace between nations, a desire to move women and men in the same direction. It is this idea of universal progress that we wanted to embody.

Games are a movement:

both collective and individual. Through the practice of sport and in the state of mind. They take with them men and women from all walks of life in the name of a universal project that goes beyond them. We tried to understand Paris in the same way. What characterises the City of Light? The answer is in the question. Fiery and effervescent, Paris is the spark of all creative potential.

We simply tried to bring the movement to life, with an identity that is not observed but experienced. To offer the audience, who do not perform, an in vivo experience of the Games. With each new appearance, a new form is revealed. A logo that is both unique and plural, defined without being definitive.

The important thing is to participate! This applies to our project, of course, but not only. On the one hand, it applies to the way we wanted to involve young creatives with the agency. This identity will live on in 6 years, it's a long way off, but who better than them to project what the design world will be like in 2024? For this occasion, 12 students from Keetle, the junior company of the Intuit lab Paris school, worked with our teams to share their vision of the Games. This also applies to our objective of literally putting the identity of the Games in people's hands. To do this, we have designed a logo generator, to give all French people, citizens of the world, sportsmen and women of all backgrounds, the opportunity to create their own. Become an actor of the Games, make them their own, share them. Because the important thing is to really participate.