Naval Group

Accompanying the transition from the institution to the brand


The European leader takes off

Despite 400 years of history and innovations, DCNS, our European naval defense champion and marine energy developer suffered from a name that lacked clarity. To consolidate its position and accelerate its international development, this naval showcase of French excellence wanted to have a strong and unifying brand, which carries its expertise and reveals its global reach.


Let's call a spade a spade !

By refocusing on its fundamentals, Naval Group makes its expertise immediately legible and affirms its status clearly and effectively. By drawing on its past to project itself into the future, the brand highlights its success while affirming its ambition to become a leader in the naval industry. Ambition able to federate the teams and attract new talents to continue its flight.


 We are changing our name, not our course

After the brand platform, the language elements, the global identity, Seenk also signs the group's 360° campaign. The opportunity to reveal to France, Australia and India its vocation to push back the limits and frontiers of the naval industry.



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