Hello Bank!

Creating the 1st bank that says hello


The tone is set

Smart, simple & human, the first 100% online bank of the BNP Paribas group has changed our relationship with banking. A bank that is closer to its customers, this was the message that Seenk was asked to convey. The change had to mark a break with other banks and was therefore first embodied by a name placed under the sign of exchange: Hello Bank!


No more need for a uniform

This new name heralds the end of a distant relationship with the bank advisor and the entry into a new era in which the seriousness of a brand no longer has to be translated into an austere and boring expression. Just because Hello Bank! is a digital brand does not mean that it has to keep its customers at a distance, on the contrary, everyone should feel free to interact with it at any time. Out of sight, out of mind.


 Simple as 'Hello'

Interactivity with the bank takes on its full meaning in the logo's dialogue bubble. The Hello Bank! phylactery contains the promise of a simplified relationship and direct dialogue with its customers. The visual identity thus aims to strike the right balance between spontaneity and status.


 Hello People'

The photo shoots by Seenk depict the customers in a natural way, while minimalist illustrations animate the brand discourse with poetry and complicity. This artistic direction was applied to all the promotional and management interfaces deployed.

 Blue Deck

Deck" blue (inspired by the French ceramist Théodore Deck) radiates in a refined aesthetic dominated by white. This atypical shade distances itself from the BNP Paribas green to express the group's boldness in creating a resolutely innovative and friendly bank.


 Do you speak Hello?

Hello Bank! has that little bit of soul that makes all the difference. Warm and friendly by nature, Hello Bank! combines proximity and empathy for a more spontaneous banking relationship.



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