Remodeling a key brand

Building Permit

Founded in 1986, Graitec publishes modeling software that enables construction professionals to design and model buildings. With more than 700 employees in 14 countries, the French publisher needed to better communicate the innovative nature of its solutions and its international dimension, while preserving its heritage.

Rethink the foundations

From Vitruvian Man to Autodesk software published by Graitec, round and square shapes are the vowels of the architectural language. Leonardo da Vinci used them to create a unit of measurement, and Graitec's customers use them daily as a navigation tool integrated into the software (known as the "view cube"). Redrawing the Graitec G from its two forms expresses the brand's desire to be seen as a historical player, but also deeply rooted in the uses of its target.

Great tech

Graitec is first and foremost a pioneer who invents solutions for the future. Its symbol is composed of a square, a round, a G... and an arrow pointing to the future and echoing its signature 'Modeling the future'. To reflect the innovative dimension of its solutions, 3D videos color the brand's territory. A flexible code punctuated by wireframe illustrations that convey the technicality and precision of the products.

Light on all levels

Because the devil is in the details, and the identity slips into the brochures, Seenk thought the brand into the way it presents and structures its products through animations that illustrate their added value by a 3D light game.


Design system

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