Dassault Aviation

Go higher, together.


Dassault, Marcel Dassault.

The successes, the records, the innovations, the desire to always go higher: it's him! A man capable of flying civilian planes and military planes together. A man endowed with a tremendous thirst for creation and a look constantly turned towards the future. The man is no more, but the myth that was the man continues now through a new brand stronger than ever.


Leadership on the horizon!

When you are one of the biggest French industrial jewels, it has to be seen. Especially when the competition is already flexing muscles with very strong identities. To establish the status of the brand, Seenk has changed its identity ingredients: revamping of the logo, bold, simplified, modernized, and a major project carried out around the global system. And here is the result: a high-flying identity!


One company, one brand.

On the one hand Falcon: luxury comfort for businessmen of all kinds. On the other Rafale: cutting-edge technology at the service of the nation. In between, here maintenance centers, there customer services, and more. On the handle, a single brand: Dassault Aviation. And for synergy to take place, Seenk has initiated the identity convergence project: subsidiaries endorsed, therefore reinforced, brand type and blue skies for everyone, and the principle of 'bias' as a new graphic marker, a sign of an entire group. engaged forward.



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