Getting the core of its added value


Since 1969, "Casto" has been helping everyone to be proud of their home, by creating a unique link between the brand and the French, between customers and their projects. Based on the already developed brand identity, Seenk enriches the visual territory, deploys the identity on the website and creates the tools so that the brand can shine without everyone tinkering in their corner.


 A bit of spirit

From the sign of the logotype, which is called the hyphen, Seenk invents another sign, to energize and enrich the expression of the brand: the hyphen. It expresses the link, and creates emotion and interaction. It embodies the alchemy between Castorama's personality and that of its customers: simplicity, optimism, proximity and passion. This vocabulary of shapes sets the iconography apart and develops a sense of complicity.


 *Deploying without tinkering

Seenk deploys the graphic identity on the website and designs the necessary kits so that the digital experience is seamless. And with a new identity comes support for the identity's users. Tools, such as the charter, the brand poster or the Combox, an online brand centre, are developed to raise the awareness of the teams and give them all the material they need to use their new brand properly. So that no one tinkers in their corner.



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