What matters to : Romain Grimm


Careful and attentive to detail, Romain uses words as he draws: with clarity and precision. Without further ado, discover his vision of branding and his attention to the impact of the brands he works for.

What is your position at the agency?

I am an art director, specialising in branding/brand identity.

In concrete terms, what is your role, and why is it important for your clients?

My role is mainly to bring our clients' brands to life by visually translating their personality and embodying their values through their visual identity. This work is generally done in collaboration with the strategic planning department, which defines this personality upstream, as well as the way the brand will "speak": how it will address its audience, what values it conveys and what messages it expresses. This is therefore a decisive stage in terms of how the brand will be perceived by consumers/users. If it is a new brand, will it succeed in finding its audience? And if it is a change of image, will this change of positioning be perceived correctly? The identity of a brand is like that of a person, it is a determining factor in the affinities that will be formed (or not) between it and people. It is therefore what will (in part) enable it to effectively reach its target.

The project by Seenk that means the most to you?

I really enjoyed working for Live for Good. Not only for the graphic aspect of the project, but also and above all for its committed character. It is an initiative that encourages (positive) changes in society, that accompanies young social entrepreneurs and supports their initiatives. It makes our creative work all the more meaningful when there are issues like this, when a brand is useful to society and contributes to the common good.

What do you think is essential for a brand?

I think that in most cases, for a visual identity to be effective, it must remain simple, accessible and immediately recognisable. Of course, image is not everything, a brand must remain consistent between the image it reflects and the reality of the services and/or products it offers. In a word: remain honest and consistent with its audience.

Working at Seenk doesn't count for anything! Why is that?

The diversity in the profiles and fields of activity of the clients we work with at Seenk is very interesting and creatively enriching. Thanks to everyone's skills, we are able to respond in a global and adapted way to the different problems encountered by our clients (creation and redesign of identity, communication campaigns, brand architecture problems, production of media, etc.), whether they are groups present in several countries around the world or smaller start-ups in full development.