What matters to : Mihika Shilpi


Passionate about both mathematics and art, she works simultaneously as a designer and consultant. For Mihika Shilpi, what matters is accompanying her clients to achieve their best in any field!

What is your post at the agency?

Lead International Design. Which is a mysterious way of saying I do creative consulting, functional design and am always up for a plane or train ride.

Practically speaking, what is your role, and why is it important for your clients?

While Seenk remains a small, cosy team, our clients grow increasingly large — both in scale and reach. My job is primarily to address clients and projects with an international dimension: those that have teams, clients or ambitions spread across the globe. Working across 3 continents gives me the opportunity to interact with a great variety of people, industries, cultures and ideas. These sort of projects do not demand just aesthetic responses to design briefs, but rather creative solutions to business objectives, often involving content strategy, brand positioning, cross-cultural communication and navigating the sometimes conflicting needs and demands of diverse client and user groups…and of course beautiful design at the end!

The Seenk project that matters the most, in your eyes:

Although less spoken of, Seenk is part of a group – Rockland – that also runs several education institutions. Our founders launched their first school — Ecole Intuit Lab (from where I graduated!) with a vision to educate new generations of industry-ready designers equipped to respond to evolving technologies and lifestyles. Their network of schools – Ecole Intuit Lab, Intuit Pro and Prep’art – has spread across three continents, teaching students from age 16 to adult professionals; covering advertising, visual communication, digital design, brand and communication strategy, game art and, recently, even fine arts. Their uniquely professional curriculum gives us an opportunity to reflect on pedagogy, learning, marketing, innovative communication channels, creative and artistic events. I think it is wonderful that we are driven not just by our own business objectives but by the careers and passions of generations to come.

What is essential for a brand in your eyes?

A clear set of objectives. Nothing drives decision-making better than having a clear idea of why you are doing something, where you want to go with it and what you want to achieve by it. Drilling down to the why of an action often opens up a world of possibilities of alternative actions. That’s where creativity begins. It’s where a brand stops checking off a list of must-have communication items and starts building experiences for their clientele that are engaging and memorable and, usually, far more interesting than a poster or instagram post.

Your favourite brand experience, which according to you, contributes to changing the world?

TED. A simple concept, that, like every great story, failed on a stellar scale at first: “ideas worth spreading”. It didn’t begin as a non-profit, but once it became one, it has been a far-reaching, diverse, and inspiring source of thoughts and knowledge for millions of people. It capitalised on the idea of knowledge that wasn’t about learning or mastery… knowing just for knowing! 36 years after the first conference, it continues to dedicate itself to furthering the spread of ideas, and, with the Audacious Project, changing the world.

Working at Seenk doesn’t count for nothing! Why not?

It starts with a smile, the plot is a blur of post-its, computer clicks and strong coffees, and it always, always ends with a glass of wine. You’ll just have to visit us to find out!