What matters to : Clément Pocquet


Aiming for the essential is a team effort! And Seenk can count on passionate talents. Today we introduce you to Clément Pocquet, strategic planner and team member.
Spoiler alert: he talks about his mother (but not only).

What is your role in the agency?

I am a strategic planner, and contrary to what my mother thinks, I don't organise agendas.

In concrete terms, what is your role, and why is it important for your clients?

At Seenk we are doers, but enlightened doers. Because what's the point of running if you don't know where you're going? My job as a strategist is to enable all the agency's creatives to know where they can go. By identifying THE message that will strike a chord with people (desirability), that will make the brand unique (uniqueness) and that will enable it to develop a new approach in its sector (market differentiation).

The project by Seenk that means the most to you?

The best is yet to come! We are currently helping one of France's biggest heritage brands to reinvent local life by creating a new way of relating to local services - hairdressers, bakers, local grocery shops, bookshops, dentists... local life. And it's all there in this project! A crazy societal ambition - revitalising local life is no mean feat! A disruptive graphic and editorial identity, fresh, rich in meaning, truly at the service of the new business model. And we have to admit that unfortunately the context pleads for us: deconfined, we all want to find our local café, our little hairdresser and our heating engineer, even if summer is coming. Delivery by the end of the year - we'll keep you posted!

What do you think is essential for a brand?

A good offer! We're here to creatively support everything a brand has to sell you that's good, more, better, really different than its competitors, and really well done for you. We can't lie about that. Imagine a nice logo that says extreme freshness for products that would smell like canned food, it would be disappointing, wouldn't it? But believe us, once we get our hands on your most beautiful singularity, we won't let it go.

Your favourite brand experience, the one that for you helps change the world?

We're doing a lot of work in the insurance sector at the moment, both for existing clients and for current tenders. And there's no doubt about it, Alan is the inspirational player who pulls everyone up. A simple, paperless, no-fuss customer journey, warm and caring as ever and a very responsive customer service. A bit of clarity and consideration in a historically opaque and rather painful world, indeed it feels good!

Working at Seenk doesn't count for anything! Why is that?

Because at Seenk, you can always keep your freedom of thought (it's in the name) but also your freedom of action. Of course, each of us has ambitions to meet on each client project, business referents to frame his ardour, a schedule to respect, an agency to run... but each of us is above all free to carry out the projects that really get us going. For example, Tanguy, lead designer, took the initiative to build our own sprint design method. Coline, account manager, is very active in all the responsible communication topics she can find. Or Aurélien, copywriter, who tends the agency's garden in his spare time. Because yes, Seenk is also a small garden in the heart of the 11th district :).