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The context we are living in is pushing you to react. Some long-term projects have been put on hold, and the need for quick wins is becoming vital. This is the time to get to the heart of the matter more quickly.

We respond to your strategic and creative emergencies: HiJack. Our new solution to sustainably enhance your brand, right now. A communication campaign to reaffirm your usefulness to your customers. An identity refresh. The expression of a new reason to act for your brand. Digitalisation of your offer. Now is the time to prepare for the future.

With HiJack, Seenk turns the usual system on its head to cut through the problems of the moment and speed up your potential issues. We bypass successive meetings and involve you in our creative process. We dedicate a tight, multi-experienced team to your project to run in a straight line to the solution.

We believe in the power of less is more: let's rationalise our investments and produce less - but better!

We're moving fast, but we'd love to take the time to hear what's on your mind at this particular, but not discouraging, time.

See you soon!

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