Mano Mano redecorates (without Valérie Damidot)!


ManoMano is surprising and unusual in the pre-formatted world of the historical DIY players. Gone are the (overly) perfect houses advertised on Insta - in any case, nobody really lives there. With ManoMano, you don't even have to be afraid to do DIY: the main thing is to get started, without fear or reproach, but with heart. And so much the better if it looks like you. The motorbike? Do as YOU wish. »

This brand territory, all new and beautiful, is obviously signed by Seenk. From the strategy to the brand architecture, via the visual and editorial identity, the agency breaks the codes of the sector: pop colours, atypical iconography, slanted headings, marked clippings... All of which celebrates the variety of tastes and frees up the energy of doing!

Discover also, nominated for the best identity reveal in the DIY category: the ManoMano manifesto - to be seen on all good social networks.