PARME and Seenk make housing a way to get on in life


With more than 50 residences throughout France, the PARME association is a recognised player in the social and solidarity economy.

It offers temporary and furnished accommodation at affordable prices for all those who want to find a place to live without breaking the bank: young workers, professionals on a business trip, students leaving the family home or people in precarious situations.

The agency formalised its positioning around the concept that housing would no longer be a hindrance but a way to move forward in life, to give life to the brand promise: housing, sharing, moving forward.

A rich playground that translates into a statutory logo, a warm colour palette and a code symbolising the notions of rebound, complementarity and mutual aid.

The agency designed a graphic charter that it applied to numerous communication media: business cards, presentation materials, posters, brochures, flyers, etc.

Branding Association Parme / Seenk
Branding Association Parme / Seenk
Branding Association Parme / Seenk

We also redesigned the way the association's offerings are presented and created their respective identities. Each of them is thus endowed with a distinctive universe, in line with the target audience, while forming a harmonious and coherent brand ecosystem.

The agency also created the signage for the residences as well as the PARME Études.

PARME Access’

PARME Social

PARME Études