Essential moment #1: The big idea


Hello Coline! Tell us about an amazing client?

For a few months now, I have been working with a client that I had never heard of before: Apm. If you know about it, it means that you yourself are an entrepreneur committed to changing the world! If not, you are like me at the beginning of the project, in total discovery mode. Apm? "Association for the Progress of Management'. In concrete terms, clubs of entrepreneurs who meet at least once a month to exchange ideas, learn new practices and make progress in their daily lives. Our challenge as an agency is to modernise their image and give them greater visibility through a new communication angle that reflects their uniqueness. All this to help them capture more of the new generation of entrepreneurs. Everyone wants them.

In concrete terms, what did you do together?

On paper, a classic subject, on the border of branding and communication: the type of brief I know quite well, with few surprises. And there's plenty of room for improvement between what they are today and what they could be tomorrow. I'm starting to get into the subject with Clément, a strategic planner at the agency - my partner! We have a whole bunch of documents, studies, lots of things provided by the client, planned interviews, a day of immersion in the club. Very classic. For the moment: all clear.

But there is a but ?

BUT, as we read more and more, as we met people (the expert on our immersion day was Jean-Charles Trouabal, world record holder in the 4x100m in 1990!!), we realised that, in the end, we were not dealing with a client like the others. We read about "the myth of the Apm", we hear about "the magic of the Apm", "its light" - we hear about deep personal transformations, strong moments with "the Apm friends", personal difficulties... "the Apm changed me, the Apm saved my life"... Then we seriously start to wonder if we are not working for...

You're not going to say "sect", are you?

But no, this is normal. It's mainly a target group, entrepreneurs, who are faced with loneliness. It's intrinsic to their situation: lots of responsibilities, lots of things on their minds, little space to exchange, breathe and take a step back. The Apm is the lighthouse in the night for entrepreneurs of all horizons, that's why they exist. This is where they get their added value.

Where is the twist?

In fact, it's great! We rarely have material to tell a story that touches so deeply on personality and almost intimacy. It's a great challenge for us. To make the intangible tangible, to tell it in a new concept understandable to all those who don't know Apm yet. Luckily, we had a good month of work before our strategic presentation, and therefore a lot of time to think about the subject. But it's a strange phenomenon that we were so immersed in the world of PMA that we quickly settled on a single line of communication... and it was impossible to open the field to other expressions! We forced ourselves, we made a fuss, we integrated Vincent (NDR: our DGA) and the others into our brainstorming sessions, we ate sushi, we drank white wine, in short, all of this to come up with two other concepts in which we had little faith. Our first idea seemed the only one, the only one, the right one.

The Apm helps entrepreneurs to see things more clearly and to act better. That's all there is to it. That's what PMA is all about.

And the PMA agrees?

The communication axis hit the nail on the head, it was like an obvious choice for them. It's up to us to continue along this path to chisel out their future language elements, to design a digital experience that matches our concept. And let's keep our fingers crossed to develop their communication tools and their multi-channel communication strategy.

In short, what was the famous 'defining moment'?

You don't realise it at the time, but this is the moment when the evidence hits you and never lets go. With or without white wine. To my Apm clients, I want to say Ah Fucking Merci* for this beautiful project.

* We suggested to the Apm that they reinvent their acronym to translate our communication axis. During our famous late-night brainstorming sessions, everything came up: Amicale des Papillons Mutualistes, Atteindre la Pensée Magique or Avec le Partage pour Mantra (NDR: this is true). Finally, Clément and I firmly believe that "Ah Fucking Merci" is the best translation of the Apm benefit for any entrepreneurial member. Really!