EDGYN gets a makeover with Seenk


A historical player in the fight against illicit trade, EDGYN (formerly Arjo Solutions) was challenged to find a name to embody its role as a protector of brands and consumers, while at the same time making its activities more digital.

How to ensure that a note distributed is not a fake? That a medicine offered for sale is not a counterfeit? The brand found the key 20 years ago by designing product identification and traceability solutions.

Preserving the legacy, turning a new corner.

EDGYN is a contraction of EGIDE (shield of Zeus and sign of protection) and EDGE (advanced technology). This new name reaffirms the essence of the brand while allowing it to express the innovative character and digitalisation of its solutions, a fundamental pillar of the company's strategy for the coming years. A name halfway between yesterday and tomorrow.

« This name change marks a new beginning for the company, which has always been ingenious in its value proposition, specifically in the development of new and increasingly innovative solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. With EDGYN, we have a brand signature that reflects the full range of our know-how and the excellence of our team committed to providing our customers with high value-added solutions for decades to come. »

Aurélien Tignol, Managing Director of Edgyn.

Signs of protection

The identity is intended to be pure. It is composed of geometric shapes with vibrant colours that interact with the images and texts, recalling the EDGYN Y and the brand's action of scanning, identifying and protecting its customers' products. Its simplicity gives the brand a guarantee of credibility and seriousness while anchoring it in a modern and digital universe.