Apm enlightens entrepreneurs with Seenk


Apm is the world's largest action network of French-speaking entrepreneurs, bound by the will to act.

Since 1987, the club has been carrying out positive actions, in particular by organising monthly meetings. These meetings allow members to share their ideas and to benefit from the views of experts from all walks of life.

Thanks to peer learning, positive challenges and a liberating climate of trust, the Apm's approach enables entrepreneurs to flourish by offering them the chance to act for society.

The brand wanted to perpetuate and spread the vision of its founding father - to fight against the loneliness of entrepreneurs - while refreshing its image.

Our idea? A new light. Thanks to the decompartmentalizing experiences it offers to managers, the network allows them to open up to new points of view in order to make informed choices. We have redefined the Apm acronym to make this promise tangible: Increase your perspectives to act better. The visual identity also expresses this idea through the flow of colours in movement, symbols of light and exchange.